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Member Since:Mar 14, 2016
Games Played:1788
Tournament Score:97
Rating (out of 100):14
Avg. points/game:0.04
Avg. games/week:27.18
Avg. turn speed:9.14 hrs
Active games:4
Account type:Premium

Personal Info
Birthday:1900 B.C.
City:Land of Uz
State/Prov.:Kingdom of Edom

About me:I have sex with strange fruit. Bill Cosby did not assault me. Trump is not my President (at least, not as long as I'm serving life on Mars). Figrock is my other account!! Cats were never on the same plane of existence as man, they’ve always been above. They have always been divine. They are royalty. They are creatures to be revered and thanked, not mocked by rhetorical questions about who’s a good boy. Jajajajajajaja!
Interests:Quantum physics, porn, and Uno. GO VEGAN! :)
Best piece of advice:Make all your passwords the same. Pick something secure, like "Password1".

Professional Info
Job title:Psycholinguistics expert and sea monster
Job description:I study the complex relationships between linguistic behavior and psychological processes. In my free time, I endanger both creatures and creation.
Company web site:

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