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Member Since:Oct 24, 2009
Games Played:6625
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Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:0.86
Avg. games/week:16.61
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Name:Con Man
Birthday:May 25th
City:Beverly Hills

About me:Family man, musician, dog-person, wordsmith and raconteur... an old school Renaissance man's man, ladies' man, and man about town
Interests:Psychology, philosophy, technologies, cosmology, war games, mysteries, history, mythology, hard sci-fi, cinema, fine art, cooking and gardening, entertaining, financial planning and investments...(fools, tools, jewels, and pools)
Best piece of advice:Play 100 games at a time and keep it cool... table talk, psych warfare, and betrayal are all part of this WAR game. (Yes, fellow Elsewherian, here at least, war IS the answer!) Whining is bad form...get over it and get on with it!....Prepare your ground, be patient, survive to fight, and fight to win. When battling against the odds, imagine what it takes to win and go for it. Death may be inevitable, but sometimes it can be cheated by a combination of indomitability and dumb luck. Be content to win a little more than your share. Most important of all, don't wait too long to declare victory and go home.

Professional Info
Job title:Boss of Me
Job description:Ex-Wall Street, retired

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