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Member Since:Aug 1, 2010
Games Played:2101
Tournament Score:N/A
Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:1.50
Avg. games/week:5.86
Avg. turn speed:5.89 hrs
Active games:0
Account type:Free

Personal Info
City:Castro Valley

About me:What I'd like to see: Player rankings based on points/game Sixth Grade eduucation...Street Car Conductor... Double-Naught Spy... Brain Surgeon... Bookkeeper... Hollywood Producer... Corn Flakes.... Quality, not quantity.
Interests:playn RISK... Travel... Making money... Thrash Metal... SF Giants... SF 49ers... Golden State Warriors...
Best piece of advice: If you attack me will die! In the game, that is..... Do not ask me to truce, it is one step from teaming, and teaming is a weak form of cheating. If a truce must be made it should be transparent and done on a players own volition.....In a three player game, open written collusion is cheating. My goal is to stay above 1.50 points/game. Quality, not quantity. Don't take youself too seriuosly and always have a good time. What I'd like to see: Player rankings based on points/game :)

Professional Info
Job title: proud father of 3 (28, 24, 19)
Job description:Telecom Sales

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