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Member Since:Nov 17, 2009
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Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:1.04
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State/Prov.:North Carollina

About me:I am happy to discuss this game with anyone who cares to. Email me at ctmaster41 at a-o-hell.
Interests:Let me be plain, THIS SITE CONDONES CHEATING. A few months ago, Figrock set up thousands of games with his stooge account globalwarrior, and the stooge account simply didn't play, giving Figrock undeserved points through forfeit wins. And SITE MANAGEMENT DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. This is why I no longer have a paid membership. I URGE EVERY PLAYER TO DROP THEIR PAID MEMBERSHIP UNTIL FIGROCK'S RECORD IS DELETED.
Best piece of advice:Update - I just logged in for the first time in months. Cheatrock is still #1. I still won't give this site my money until they deal with his rampant cheating. BTW I wrote to the site several times about it and they gave no reply. Sad. Further update - October 2014 - I logged in again. I'm still as high as #3 when I haven't played in probably a year. People should be passing me but I guess no one plays anymore. Maybe not even Cheatrock. Really. In all the years I've been playing games online, I've never seen such blithe indifference to overt, naked, abusive cheating. I can't imagine why this site hasn't just drop-kicked Cheatrock into the gutter and encourage honest players to play again.

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May 2011 (800 points)
July 2011 (841 points)
October 2011 (1013 points)

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