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Member Since:Aug 13, 2010
Games Played:2978
Tournament Score:N/A
Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:1.47
Avg. games/week:8.34
Avg. turn speed:0.79 hrs
Active games:1
Account type:Free

Personal Info
City:Stoke on Trent
Country:Great Britain

About me:Just a learner, happy for advice and tips from good players.
Interests:Winding up certain players my all time favourite is Global warrior though he wont play with me anymore- shame :(
Best piece of advice:Dont get too upset when you loose or take it too seriously- remember to have fun- its only a game. Also dont bother with Figcock, he is a cheat and clearly mad!

Professional Info
Job title:Shrimp peeler
Job description:First the head, then the tail rinse off and eat! Simples
Company:The Gumbo Shrimp Company
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