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About me:Two kids (college grads), two German Shepherds and a wife of 30 years. I had a kidney transplant in 2006 when my brother saved my life by giving me one of his kidneys.
Interests:Family, fun and JESUS. Heaven is for REAL!! Read the book and see the movie with that title....second best book i've ever read!!
Best piece of advice:Play smart, play hard but's not for money, so what really matters if you lose one every now and then. Encourage conversation and less people will drop which makes for a better game. As a rule you should give a little to get a little and NEVER let the game get out of balance too far or it is likely too late to change things. Work with others to keep a balance and TRY not too hold too many grudges, or you both will be out and someone else will win and there are NO POINTS for 2nd place. ******************************************************** Don't let the high scores of some players fool you (figrock,flan43,fox58,conquista,jymi6)....they aren't that good and almost never attack the strong player on the map but love to try to manipulate you into doing it for them so they get the win......and boy do they hate it when i point this out. There ARE cheaters on this site (figrock, gerova/isabel1/calyxo1), and i'm sure others but just thought i'd give a shout out to these fine specimens for example. Figrock's latest tactic is to join free games where newbies have to join (who regularly drop), take the full turn time to take his turn in hopes that others will get sick of waiting for him. Oh yeah, and he is ALWAYS red.........what talent and skills for the fakerock!! I often wonder why some players always seem to be creating games without "Random" turn order? Are they looking for some advantage to hide their lack of skills?? Perhaps I'll start listing them here. Stay tuned folks. zzz1, gerova, vincent12345 and crab are among the worst offenders.

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