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Member Since:Dec 2, 2010
Games Played:1424
Tournament Score:N/A
Rating (out of 100):5
Avg. points/game:0.34
Avg. games/week:4.19
Avg. turn speed:1.49 hrs
Active games:2
Account type:Freeloader

Personal Info
Name: field marshal andrewa
Birthday:5 31 66
City:earth zone
State/Prov.:champagne cannes

About me:this game takes too long university of Illinois class of 89
Interests:cool breeze warm buzz and some tasty babes waves ... I like Raccoons
Best piece of advice:Fagrock sucks ass avoid games with "pweemeyum pwayurz" computer favors them - long live the Great White Raccoon Army

Professional Info
Job title:advertising
Job description:he man tougher than keith richards indestructable
Company: mind your own d@mn $ business
Company web site:sniff butt and fling poo @

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