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Member Since:Sep 11, 2014
Games Played:2997
Tournament Score:116
Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:1.81
Avg. games/week:21.00
Avg. turn speed:3.90 hrs
Active games:35
Account type:Premium

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Interests:Probability and the impact of random events. Predictive analysis and risk allocation.
Best piece of advice:I would like to see more use of the chat screen to ally with other players and introduce diplomacy to the game. I don't think it is fair to communicate with another player offline where it is not apparent to the entire board but an open treaty seems fair to me. Of course, we must turn on each other in the end but an effective and trustworthy ally can increase your odds of winning by a large factor depending on the number of players.

Professional Info
Job title:Actuary
Job description:I make predictions based on statistical models.

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April 2015 (432 points)
August 2015 (452 points)
June 2016 (341 points)
September 2016 (304 points)

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