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Member Since:May 16, 2016
Games Played:81
Tournament Score:N/A
Rating (out of 100):95
Avg. points/game:-1.79
Avg. games/week:1.40
Avg. turn speed:8.04 hrs
Active games:2
Account type:Freeloader

Personal Info
City:Go Spurs Go! (need I say more?)
State/Prov.:Everything's bigger (and better) in TEXAS

About me:I am a christian in training. (meaning I am not baptized yet). Also in a Wheelchair, born with spina bifida. Have been playing the piano since age 2 1/2.
Interests:helping people, comedy/action movies, rock hunting, martial arts (although I have no idea how to do ANY martial art, hats off to you guys that can do them). I also like to cook and taste food, play basketball, and I love music, classical and elvis (rock).
Best piece of advice:1. If your looking for trouble, you came to the right place. If your looking for trouble, look me right in the face. I was born standing' up, (haha NOT) and talkin' back; my father was a green-eyed lumbar jack ohh....... 2. I NEVER LOOK FOR TROUBLE, but I never ran I don't take any orders, from no kind man. I'm only made out of, blood, flesh, and bones, but if you want to start a rumble don't you start it all alone ohh.... Also, if you don't know about God the Father and his Son Jesus, you should find out about it. It will change your life, AND save your life from a death you might not even know about.

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