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Member Since:Apr 22, 2011
Games Played:3060
Tournament Score:N/A
Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:1.19
Avg. games/week:9.53
Avg. turn speed:90.68 hrs
Active games:0
Account type:Free

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About me:merit not status
Interests:Revealing the secret of living to 100 years: get to 99 and live very, very carefully.
Best piece of advice:make time for love

Professional Info
Job title:May 2012 - 442 (personal best)
Job description:tigger-ific maps: ____________________ Dante's Divine Comedy ____________ Dragon Fire ______________________ Evolution _______________________ Fantasy Football __________________ Game of Thrones __________________ King of the Hill _____________________ Ten Bucks ________________________ Tic Tac Tofu _______________________ Venus Envy ______________________ WWII 1941 __________________________________ Battle of Waterloo (Prov) ___________ Dead Until Dark (Prov) ____________ Knowledge is Power (Prov) __________ Three Little Pigs (Prov) ____________ Wargames (Prov) ____________________
Company:Pri-tay pri-tay pri-tay pri-tay good !

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