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Member Stats
Member Since:Aug 17, 2012
Games Played:3973
Tournament Score:115
Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:0.66
Avg. games/week:15.76
Avg. turn speed:13.27 hrs
Active games:25
Account type:Premium

Personal Info
Country:New Zealand

About me:I had gotten my score into the 200's then went away and found there was no internet! So there goes 60 drops! oh well.... start again :-)
Interests:God, Family, Church, Music, Games, Hunting, Hanging out with mates, Community work, Foster care.
Best piece of advice:Love life. Proverbs 27 v 17. Luke 3 v 16. Random starts are always best no matter what the game.... and make the games more than 50 hours for those small internet issues :-)

Professional Info
Job title:Fitter / Machinst
Job description:Best players I play against...(but not restricted to...) broadwater80, jaycee1946, jymi6, jiror, raymie, rodd, generalgrant, vassassago, globalwarrioriii, tafuqilmonti, natebondar, tennesseelogman, worldruler2010, prestorjohn, gili, shawnterese, kaaskop, lento, genkida, vavs99, mgmaurer, racingchrisd, piggy18, javablues, playing4fun, stud9, browser, chieflampe, gerova, goonerash, santiago193, ianll,

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