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Member Since:Nov 26, 2015
Games Played:4068
Tournament Score:N/A
Rating (out of 100):1
Avg. points/game:1.11
Avg. games/week:26.89
Avg. turn speed:4.09 hrs
Active games:2
Account type:Free

Personal Info
Name:CHEATING jymi

About me:So this month jymi has CHEATED by playing over 50% of games with back-up Nadine. Nadine weakens players necessary to support jymi victory. jymi just builds with occasional attakks. I've posted in game rooms over 30 of these games I am in, every game me being wiped out quickly. jymi avoids strong players by joining games last, with Nadine before, so can see clearly who is in the game.. a new monthly tactic. jymi not started a game for months now, nor joined other than last. with Nadine 1 player before. ...... every word typed by jymi is a "lie".. cannot stop.. i commented many players acknowledged i was right Exposing his CHEATING in games. 3 or 4 players in the games saw those comments. proof my actions were appreciated ... then jymi says same that many support him. "REALLY" more lies. although 1 weak minded suckered player does support jymi, that being Qag. and Qag now does not attakk jymi, just backs up and helps jymi wins. so 1/2 of a 6 player game supports jymi now. none of the top players see jymi join their game. all my allegations are backed with game ID proof ... all jymi comments are backed by nothing ... he claims i am figrock / casablanca / fukjymi ... where does this idea come from ?? his anus.. any1 see jymi comments try analyse where they come from ... no substance to the comments whatsoever ... he attakks Huck in text. why ? says banned himself playing with Huck LOL why ? only 3 players are bashing away at jymi CHEATING ,, pity. he is screwing fellow gamers ... last month he won by playing 30 40 50 3 player games in last 10 days of month again with NAdine ... what chance did that 3rd player have ? Zero... jymi randomly posts victories by Nadine LOL why ? understand what is going on. he is a CHEAT and a NASTY CUNT.
Best piece of advice:And I forgot to mention Lorikern10. Poor player hounded out of SGN by jymi. read this profile highlighting all. sad.

Professional Info
Job description:jymi has 1 friend he sweet-talked and suckered.. Qag ... Nadine does not even exist as a player. Nadine is another ID of jymi
Company web site:and jymi now say I am part owner of SGN. the crap just keep coming. hilarious !

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