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Want to play board games online? You've come to the right game site. Whether you are looking to play a free board game, or a vintage board game online, you will enjoy Imperial Takeover™ at the Strategy Game Network. Addicting games such as Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Checkers, or Chess are all examples of games that are played on a table. The history of board games began thousands of years ago as ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations both played primitive war games as a test of their strategic thinking skills. Not until many centuries later were board games used to entertain large populations.

The best online games are found on this strategy game site. Our network of popular board games welcomes you to take a chance at victory, and hopefully win. If you lose, try again, and continue to sharpen your brain. The correct strategy in an online board game is an ongoing puzzle. This is definitely one of the best top ten board games online. Enjoy!

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