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Risk is always involved in military strategy games. Do you attack or defend? Do you send your troops on patrol, or do you use military inteligence?

To play war games online, you have to think strategically, but also have the most fun. Popular war games, such as Imperial Takeover™ at the Strategy Game Network involve battles between many players around the world. Each gamer who is online has a rank, which he has earned by his victories on the game board. Even though the pieces in this game are fairly simple, if you use your imagination, you will be controlling an army, navy, coast guard, and airforce.

Marines storm beachheads and conquer enemy bunkers, while fighters are used to scout enemy territories and bomb defenses. If you are looking where to play internet war games, you have gone to the right place. Imperial Takeover is the latest computer war game to become popular with a sophisticated crowd of generals, colonels, captains, and majors of cyber armies. We hope you enjoy these great games, and write war game reviews when you find the time. Online war games are terrific fun, and superb entertainment.

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