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Strategy games are an excellent form of entertainment. With great pleasure, we present Imperial Takeover™, a free online strategy game that can be played without a download. This military war game online puts opponents against eachother in a strategic online board game for world domination. If you like taking risk and risky strategies, you can create an attacking army that will destroy your opponent before he can capture enough countries to win. If you want to play defensively, produce a military that can defend against strategic attacks.

Imperial Takeover™, one of the best strategy games online, can be played as a Mac or PC game on a browser, without a download. This multiplayer gaming experience is a puzzle of the mind, involving total diplomacy, along with calculations and intuition. Trade in your cards to earn more armies, conquer, and win. This strategy game can be played as a turn based version or in real time. Join game players from all around the world to play with day or night on the Strategy Game Network.

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