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Member Since:Sep 1, 2016
Games Played:527
Tournament Score:100
Rating (out of 100):17
Avg. points/game:0.09
Avg. games/week:12.76
Avg. turn speed:14.89 hrs
Active games:0
Account type:Premium

Personal Info
Name:ink.d / Mr.Black...risks greatest " EVER "

About me:i sing/rap/scream for a freak ass rap/murder freak triphop pyschadekic flipshow known as SASQUATCH BROTHERS.Four albums released.please check us out on youtube and leave a comment..and after i bugger you deeply in this game ...don't cry and don't ask know you gave up !!! like a puss pussy!!! to pretend i didn't dominate that ass!!!
Interests:SASQUATCH BROTHERS,sweet love/male porn star !known as such names as ..The dong the slong "Mr.bone! give me the cash fast never comin last..gimme bong rips and sweet tits
Best piece of advice:listen to Sasquatch Brothers ..pass the love out for me i'm great to me you will see i'm fabulous..amazing..yu will be proud to have me as a frien because of my love for you,,my ladies are international ,irrational and sexy as a dream.You want to know greatness,sexy ladies and high class kickin ass, Just ask to know me....piss me off you can blow me

Professional Info
Job title:buggerer/penetrator.missile wrench
Job description:buggery.Risks best .blessed to be sasquatch beast.suk my balls slow and then i bugger you !! then you pay me 25000$...i'm the buggerer
Company:buggery and deep penetration
Company web site:sukit

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